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With special reports, Facebook market value increase with position 22nd largest corporation. Mobile advertising boosting revenue of Facebook with all devices.

Founder of Facebook wealth has increased by $34.5 billion with stake & stock raised by 81% in last 12 months.

With mobile marketing, every products & services take speed booking, launching, delivered like snapdeals, flip-kart, jabong etc. In Advertising on Facebook charge minimum $10 but for, it’s questionable….

Facebook make display ads, banner advertising with condition of your search in box or you already seen pages on different subject. Mostly small business giving first preferences to Ad-words for budget start from 500 to onward, but Facebook charge $10, LinkedIn as per region-target size etc.

LinkedIn is business network but Facebook it a personal chatting center, founder earn from shopping, business, promote a post.

Promote a post:
On a Facebook, when you post they ask you want promote this? With advertising power. It’s true!

Congrats Mark Zuckerberg 

Refer : DNA

Transport and Logistics

The need to move goods is as old as the hills. In the 1930s road transport overtook rail as the main means of transporting goods around the country and it is big business – there are around 400,000 heavy goods vehicles on UK roads today. Yet, the term “road haulage industry” is outdated. This is an industry that has remodeled itself and now promotes itself as purveyors of logistics and supply chain solutions. But have things really changed?

Logistics market research

Road haulage has always been an industry with hundreds, if not thousands, of operators. The bedrock of the industry is small family firms with trucks that are at the customers’ behest if they need something moving. Being local to the source of whatever needs moving is important because it means that there are trucks close to base and the source of business. If the return journey of the truck is empty, so be it; the cost of the movement is borne by the single load. Without being too cruel about it, the small family firm is not the most sophisticated operator and it is our contention that their focus on price when selling their services does not serve them or the market very well.

The requirement to shift a load from A to B still dominates. However, there is also a more sophisticated need to provide a solution for goods storage, managing supply and moving products in a very tight time window. This change has taken place over the last four decades. Yet, despite these developments, there is still an unhealthy focus on price. This limits innovation, it stymies added value services and it reduces the amount of personal service that is offered.

You can’t blame the people who need haulage for wanting a bargain. A good price is an obvious and easy thing to measure and it is no surprise that it is a strong metric for decision making. But in this respect, hauliers are their own worst enemy as many still see themselves as delivery men. They still believe that a low price is the best and easiest way to win business and as a result they sell on price. It is about time that hauliers opened their ears and listened to their customers. Logistics market research and transport market research can help them do this.

Transport market research

Examples of our logistics market research and transport market research experience include: - b2binternational.com
  • Flight guide software
  • Freight forwarding
  • In-car telematics
  • Train refurbishment
  • Train test centre market assessment
  • Hauliers' propensity to bundle oil products (i.e. fuels, lubes) plus associated services (cards, fleet management, oils analysis application support, etc.)
  • Concessionaire relationship research (retail, financial services, car parks) throughout most major UK airports (Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted)

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Everyone seems to be talking about big data these days and how it’s changing the world. That might well be the case, but it seems that it’s beginning to become more of a nuisance than a solution. Surely the whole point of technological advancement is to make life easier and better for all involved? I believe now more than ever, there is place for a different type of data - unique, rich data - which has always been around, but not necessarily prominent in the online world.

As an example, one of my good friends Chris, is getting very close to the happiest day of his life. The day that he becomes a father. Chris is a hard working man and not only doesn’t find the time to do any shopping, he is hardly what you would call an online shopping expert. Needless to say, being handed the responsibility of finding the perfect pram for their new addition to the family, is a mountain to climb for Chris.

So Chris hits the web. However he doesn't even really know where to start, what to look for, where to find and not to mention commit to such an important purchase. But he prevails and browses, from Kiddicare to Mothercare, from Asda to John Lewis - he became a hunter-data-gatherer.

Then he left it for a day or two – to think.

In the meantime, based on his activity on social media and internet searches, big data was crunching away, having identified that, in all likelihood Chris’s family was expanding.

When he next connected Chris was bombarded with offers of, amongst others, the three N’s; nipples, nappies and nursery kit. Fine. Good work big data. But he was also however offered a dog bed, flea shampoo and a subscription offer for Dogs Today magazine. Clearly some big data must have been crunched wrong somewhere in the cloud.

However all of this is not very helpful to good old Chris, as he is looking for not only a pram, but the perfect pram for his family, with all the right features (which he doesn't even know about) and at a good price. This is Chris’s Everest.

Fortunately, one of Chris’s best friends, Jules is an online shopping and social media maverick and as a new mother, she went through the same process not too long ago. She knows Chris and his wife and she knows exactly what would be good for them. She also knows about Chris’s Everest and how he wants to surprise his dearest. While getting in the new order of nappies and food for their little one, Jules notices that the perfect pram is now on a 50% sale online, in Chris’s wife’s favourite colour as well…

So she jumped into action, added the pram to social shopping site haveyouseen and shared the link with Chris. She even created a collection of complimentary items from all over the internet that would make the first couple of weeks of parenthood just that much easier.

So all ended well. Chris bought the pram, Jules got a commission for her work and Chris is the conquering hero.

And that is why big data will never know a stranger as well as their best friend and why a personal recommendation goes that much further than even the most advanced and innovative targeted advertising.

I’m Founder & CEO at haveyouseen where we advocate the power of rich data every day. Rich data for us is what makes sense – the fact that that our friends and family will always know us better than any Google or Facebook (and soon Amazon) algorithm. Brands and merchants all over the world can now reward, through haveyouseen, their most trusted advocates for doing what they do best. Make trusted personal recommendations about their products.

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Now, those who are still Facebook addicts and find it impossible to unplug from your "FB" network of friends, fans and likes, not to fear. There will always be a Facebook-like app out there that connects people, it's just that it may have a different name with different features.

Still, here are six reasons Twitter will have more staying power than Facebook:

  • Twitter is a news source. We can follow news outlets and more importantly newsmakers on Twitter and get up to date, quick information. We are seeing this more and more in politics and sports where the person of interest is "broadcasting" the information they want disseminated. They determine when they want the public to "get the news." In many cases, it's unfiltered and spoken directly to that person's following. They can and sometimes do, respond directly to questions. Can Facebook be used as a news source? Absolutely, but it's predominantly a neighborhood for people to connect and share. Even more interesting is the way that media have started to quote people's Twitter posts - as if it's a quote in the paper or a soundbite for television.
  • News media members have embraced Twitter. A while ago, I wrote this piece on how media members can now create and demonstrate value to their employers by creating their own personal fan base. Television news organizations have relied on things like "Q" ratings to see how "likable" their viewers find their talent. Anchors and reporters were usually not privy to that information. Today, if you want to see how well watched a news personality is, check their fans. Check their TweetReach. Consequently, savvy "social media" members are actively engaging their followers through insight, inside information and live updates on Twitter. Best of all, many are also talking to people through Twitter. Yes, they can do this on Facebook as well, but real time engagement isn't as effective as it is on Twitter.
  • Engage with "famous" people on Twitter. Let's face it, famous people have Facebook Fan pages, but mostly it's one way communication. Typically, there's not much chance you're going to engage with a famous person on their Facebook page. I believe there are many reasons for this, but one may be due to the "public" nature of the wall and how information is posted. In my experience, it's easier to receive a comment back from a famous person on Twitter than on Facebook. One reason for this may be that it's simple to reply a 140 character (or less) message to someone on Twitter than on Facebook.
  • Twitter is easier to use on a mobile device. Don't get me wrong, it's pretty simple to post stuff on Facebook from your mobile device, but Twitter is crazy simple. It's a matter of opening your app and posting a thought, picture or video. It's actually easier than texting. There are no "notifications" that you have new messages, no waiting for pages to open, it's quick and easy.
  • It's easier to avoid annoying people on Twitter. Let's face it, we all have a handful of people that drive us nutty on Facebook. So, rather than "unfriend" them, we either put up with their inane, boring, self-serving posts or we "hide" them. My gosh, you'd hate to insult one of your Facebook "friends!" On Twitter, it's real simple. If someone bugs you - don't follow them. Honestly, how often do you comb through your Twitter followers to see who is following you? There is a personal "distance" that is built in to Twitter. A polite separation can get closer if you'd like, but generally speaking, it's not nearly as intimate as the Facebook connection.
  • Commercialization will kill the Facebook experience. Marketers will ruin Facebook for a large number of people. Facebook was cool when it was like the band you liked that no one else had heard about. As soon as the band makes it big, they aren't nearly as cool. Facebook has already become that for a lot of people and now that it has become so household, marketers have found ways to tap into that audience. We can learn about our audience and find out what they like and dislike and then go sell to them. Sorry, but what about just hanging out and re-connecting with friends? It's like being at a restaurant and having someone come by every few minutes to sell you something that aligns with their demo. Ok, gasp marketing friends, but I think somewhere deep down we all know this is true.

Like I said, I'm no prognosticator and my disclaimer is that I've been wrong a million times before and that some of these points are generalizations. That said, it's just my opinion, I'd love to hear yours.

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Retargeting is a powerful digital marketing technique when campaigns are run correctly. We recommend the following best practices to help ensure you craft retargeting campaigns that result in the brand lift and ROI you may have heard about:

1. Frequency Caps

One or two visits to your website doesn’t mean prospects want to start seeing your ads everywhere they browse. Overexposure quickly results in decreased campaign performance, which is why it’s almost always advisable to use a frequency cap. Prospects may ignore your ads completely, a phenomenon known as banner blindness, or they may begin to have a negative association with your brand as you follow them all over the web.

A frequency cap will limit the number of times a tagged user will see your ads and will prevent potential customers from feeling overwhelmed. Be strategic with how and when you serve ads, and take into consideration that not every website visitor will be at the same point in their purchase journey. We typically recommend 17-20 ads per user per month, but you can work with your retargeting provider to determine what makes the most sense for your campaign.

2. Burn Code

Have you ever made a purchase online only to find you’re still being inundated with advertisements for that company or product? By continuing to serve ads to converted customers, companies are only serving to annoy people. Don’t make the same mistake.

Luckily, there’s a very simple solution: use a burn pixel. This snippet of code, placed in your post-transaction page, will untag any users who have made a purchase, ensuring you stop serving them ads. It’s that easy. In addition to not annoying your customer, the burn code saves you money. Why waste valuable impressions on the people who already converted?

Converted customers can still be a part of your retargeting campaign, just don’t ask them to take the same action twice. Now, you have an opportunity to retarget current customers with new ads. Instead of showing them what they have already bought, you can upsell, cross-sell, or even offer referral discounts through new ads. Essentially, burn the previous campaign and enroll them in a new one!

3. Audience Segmentation

Audience segmentation allows for you to tailor ad messages to users in different stages of the purchase funnel. The process is simple: you place different retargeting pixels on different pages of your site, and then tailor creatives based on the depth of engagement of each user.

When a visitor comes to your main page, you can target them with creatives that communicate general brand awareness. If they looked at your product page, you can serve them with more specific ads around your product offerings, Regardless of user’s level of interest, audience segmentation ensures you are serving relevant and engaging ads.

4. Demographic, Geographic, & Contextual Targeting

Targeting gives you the opportunity to fine-tune your ad placements, ensuring greater relevancy and increasing ad performance. Advertisements can be targeted based on demographic information, like age or gender, contextual factors like subject matter of the website, or geographic data.

When you target your ads with consideration for demographic, geographic, and contextual variables, you don’t waste valuable impressions on people who aren’t relevant to your campaign. Targeting not only improves the relevancy of your retargeting campaign by placing the right ads in front of the right people, but it also lowers your costs. Instead of serving ads to everyone, you’re saving your money and showing ads to the people for whom your ads make the most sense.

5. Setting View-Through Conversion Windows

For brand marketers interested in increasing awareness and establishing market share, display can be a highly effective and measurable channel. A frequent complaint of the direct response crowd is that online display advertising doesn’t drive clicks at the same rate as paid search advertising, but clicks aren’t telling the whole story. Retargeted ads, even if they aren’t clicked, can provide brand lift. In one comScore study, retargeted ads led to a 1046% increase in branded search, a clear sign of heightened brand awareness and recall.

The view-through conversion takes into account that some ads don’t trigger immediate buying decisions, but can nonetheless influence people to make purchases later, also known as the billboard effect. In the same way a catchy billboard grabs your attention and boosts brand awareness, an online display ad can encourage a later action. View-through conversions provide advertisers with richer data around ad performance by considering conversions that occur within a certain window after a user sees an ad.There are various practices around the length of a view-through conversion window, some providers will set a 30-day window for example, but we recommend 24 hours. A 24-hour view-through conversion window will provide you with valuable data around the stickiness of your ads, the quality of your ad placements, and your audience’s shopping habits, without inflating or overstating your ads’ effectiveness.

6. Single-Provider Retargeting

Running retargeting campaigns with multiple providers has a number of serious drawbacks. If you run with multiple providers, each provider will be bidding for the same spots on the same websites, driving up media costs and decreasing the chances each has to serve ads to your users.  You may also run into difficulties effectively implementing frequency caps, as each retargeting provider will be operating independently.

If you’re new to retargeting and you want to test the waters with different providers, it’s more effective to run tests in subsequent months using one provider at a time. You’ll have a better sense of which campaign actually performed better without skewing your results.

7. Rotating Creatives + A/B Testing

Even if you launch your campaign with incredibly strong creatives, running with the same set of ads for months on end will result in a lower performing campaign.  According to a ReTargeter study, clickthrough rates decrease by almost 50% after five months of running the same set of ads. After seeing the same ads again and again, a user’s interest is no longer piqued and the ads are more likely to blend into the background. By rotating your ad creative every few months, you can easily avoid experiencing these dips in performance.

Simple A/B tests can provide the data you need to run campaigns with high-performing ads. Instead of relying on what you think will work, you can run tests for measurable and actionable results. A/B testing your creatives will help you determine the optimal combination of ad copy, calls-to-action, and graphics. Here at ReTargeter, we always run A/B tests and recommend that our clients do the same.

8. Optimized Creatives

The banner ads you use may do more to determine success than any other factor of your retargeting campaign, so it’s crucial to devote sufficient resources to making beautiful ads.  Marketers often try to cram as much information as possible into the space allotted. This method of designing banners will only distract your audience and won’t serve the purpose of the ad: to win their attention and keep it. You want to be memorable, so that even if your audience doesn’t click your ad, it stays with them. Often, creating memorable ads is best achieved by keeping copy minimal and design simple. All of your banner ads should be well-branded and recognizable.  Use bold colors, concise copy, and clear calls to action with big, clickable buttons.  For more suggestions, check out our section on banner ad best practices.

When used properly, retargeting is incredibly powerful. Follow these best practices when you run your retargeting campaigns and you’ll be sure to see high returns.

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What is retargeting?
Generally 2% of shoppers convert on the first visit to an online store. Retargeting brings back the other 98%. Retargeting works by keeping track of people who visit your site and displaying your retargeting ads to them as they visit other sites online.
How does Retargeting Campaign work
How does Retargeting Campaign work - Adroll

How does retargeting work?
Technically all that is necessary is to place a JavaScript tag in the footer of your website. This code creates a list of people that visit your site by placing anonymous retargeting "cookies" in their browser. This list allows AdRoll (or other retargeting vendors) to display retargeting ads to your potential customers as they visit other sites. Since AdRoll works with the largest ad exchanges, we can retarget your customers just about anywhere they might go online.

Why is retargeting so effective
Retargeting generates greater online sales by keeping your brand front and center and bringing "window shoppers" back when they're ready to buy. Every time your customer sees your retargeting ads, your brand gains traction and more recognition. The high click-through rates and increased conversions that are typical with retargeting campaigns underscore the value of good branding and repeated exposure.

Retargeting Best Practices
Retargeting is most effective if you segment your visitors (eg, people who looked at shoes vs pants) and tailor the retargeting ads shown to each group, or not retarget them at all (eg, people who converted.)
The best performing retargeting creative has a clear call-to-action and promotes an offer.

Different products warrant different retargeting time windows. Eg, people shopping for travel should be retargeted immediately; people shopping for luxury goods should be retargeted later.

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The automation industry is growing rapidly as more and more B2B marketers realize the benefits of a system that can cut down on manual marketing and sales processes, sync with their existing CRMs, and put time back into their days. In fact, last year's B2B Marketing Automation Vendor Selection Tool report predicted that revenues for B2B marketing automation systems would reach $750 million in 2013. With numbers like that, marketing automation is pretty hard to ignore.
marketing automation software, marketing automation vendors, marketing automation comparison,  marketing automation definition, marketing automation companies, marketing automation for small business, marketing automation institute

For those new to marketing automation, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. What can marketing automation do for you? Is it really worth the price tag? Let’s start by going through a few key features and benefits, so that you can see what a beginning automation user’s path might actually look like.

what is marketing automation?
Before we get into some of the cool things you can do with marketing automation, it’s a good idea to have a solid understanding of the platform itself. Marketing automation is a powerful marketing and sales tool that automates many of your communication programs, lead generation campaigns, and lead nurturing programs, so that you can move prospects through the sales cycle with minimal time and resources. Simply put, marketing automation is email marketing, reporting, lead generation, social media, search marketing, and prospect tracking — all in one integrated system.

What can it do? -- The capabilities of a marketing automation system range from simple landing page and email creation to in-depth visitor tracking and reporting. Let’s take a look at a few core functionalities below:
  • Email marketing. With marketing automation, you can build emails using a drag-and-drop builder or HTML (if you are so inclined). Emails can be targeted to specific segments and tracked so that you know if they were opened, clicked on, or unread. More advanced email reporting can even give you insight into the devices and email clients that your recipients use to read their emails.
  • Lead generation. By using forms and landing pages to “gate” content on your site, you can collect prospect and visitor information that can be passed along to sales reps for follow-up. Targeted email campaigns can also drive traffic to your landing pages, helping to improve lead generation efforts.
  • Sales intelligence. Marketing automation benefits more than just the marketing team; it benefits sales teams as well. With prospect and visitor tracking, real-time sales alerts, CRM integrations, and insight into prospect social profiles, your sales team will always be up to date on prospect activities and interests, giving them the ability to tailor their sales pitches accordingly.
  • Reporting. Marketing automation systems offer the benefit of closed-loop reporting, which allows you to attach revenue from closed deals to the original campaigns where they were created. This improves marketing accountability by providing additional insight into campaign performance and ROI.
  • Social media. Many marketing automation platforms also give you social media posting capabilities. Post updates to multiple platforms at once, then monitor performance using tracked links. No need to hop between social platforms!
These five bullet points sum up some of the main ways that today’s marketers are using marketing automation platforms to increase revenue and marketing productivity. If you’re just starting to familiarize yourself with the tool, these are good areas to focus on throughout your product search and implementation.

What other features or benefits do you think beginning automation users should be aware of? Let us know in the comments. - exacttarget.com

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Twitter is experimenting with a new feature that is downright blasphemous to experienced users. Some users are seeing a few tweets in their timelines that have merely been favorited by accounts they follow. Other tweets are showing from accounts that your friends follow. That's a massive change: Twitter has fundamentally only shown tweets and retweets posted by accounts you personally follow (as well as advertisements) in timelines to date.

The experiment is particularly concerning for some because the favorite has always been rather mysterious. Despite its name, many do not use the favorite in the same way as a Facebook "Like." Some use it as a simple acknowledgment of receiving a tweet or as a way of saying "thanks." It can also be a simple way of saying that you found something funny. Others use it as a type of bookmarking system.

Don't you dare mess with my timeline

Favorites have also been pseudo-private; while you can view a list of favorited tweets from an account's profile page or on a tweet's detail page, typically only the "favoriter" and the "favoritee" ever know about it. If Twitter starts surfacing favorited tweets in timelines, they've suddenly become far more public. The change — and the backlash — is somewhat similar to Facebook's attempts to share just about everything "friends" did with Open Graph. The company has largely given up on those efforts.

It's not impossible to see how this experiment could be beneficial for those who haven't carefully curated a list of accounts to follow. Seeing what other people favorite could help new users see how people use the service. It could also reveal some of the excellent back-and-forth conversations that are easily missed unless you follow many accounts that interact with each other often.

Let's face it: favs are pretty arcane

Even if you are up in arms about the experiment, it seems unlikely that the feature will see a wide rollout in its current form. It's currently unclear how many users are seeing the experiment in their timelines right now. I noticed the feature late last month in my own account, and a quick search of Twitter shows some others have as well. The experiment gained attention earlier today when The Next Web published a story on it.

Twitter has not yet responded to requests for comment, but in a generic blog post on its site about such tests, the company notes that it "experiment[s] with features that may never be released to everyone who uses Twitter." The company adds that the "they help us decide what not to do –– which is important as we work to keep Twitter simple while improving the user experience."

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Edmonton is the place where you want to stay for a while and considered one of the best place to stay in the world. As the people are blooming, the best part is that businesses are blooming too.  And as any place with blooming businesses, marketing campaigns are shooting and coming from  everywhere. Of course, promotional products in Edmonton are available. So let’s talk about that. What  are possibly the best promotional products in Edmonton that a newbie entrepreneur would like to  check? 

The answer is a branded USB power bank.

Branded USB power bank is the best item to consider not just in Edmonton but all across North America. You might ask why this item is such a blast, but it really is simple. Technology is enslaving us, but in a  good way, right? Well one gift of technology to us is the smartphones and other mobile devices that could connect online. These smartphones enables us to have a smooth day. You can just imagine the horror of leaving your smartphones at home while facing a hectic day. You can also imagine the horror you face when your battery is dying. You will probably miss that call for your next appointment, you may miss the quick shop online for your business, and so on. This is why having a full battery is a need these days.

So came in branded USB power bank. This is where you can provide to your prospects and existing  customers the solution to their problems. They will definitely get you the results you need these days. They will love you for offering such a lovely and useful device without them asking for it. 

The thing about branded USB power bank is that they are so powerful and useful that it is easy for you to be recognized through the product. You become memorable instantly and that is what you want with your campaign. 

In Edmonton, you will realize that there is one awesome supplier to check and it is called SaveOnPromotions. They offer the best deals in town and even do free deliveries. But not only that, you should know that they offer the best quality ever with promotional products and the best deals! Yes you should check their promotional power bank wholesale deals, which directly means the more you buy the cheaper the items become. This is one of the best things to consider today! Go ahead and start going through this product today.

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Marketers can rely on B2B Contact Databases solutions and services providers to increase email offer count to customer contact list for the following best reasons:
  • Deliver successful email campaigns by removal of invalid email address
  • Standardized approach in identifying appropriate and correct database
  • Constant monitoring of ISP to remove inactive subscribers
  • Quick and cost effective solutions to scrub wrong addresses from the database
  • Well managed bounce rate to increase email campaign promotions
  • All about Hard Bounce Management Tool, Know-why Hard Bounce tool is advantageous for marketers

  1.  Comprehensive database management with complete reporting and analysis
  2.  Continuous tracking of bounced emails and reporting invalid email address to the database
  3.  Database updated with deliverable email addresses-leaving no room for invalid entries
  4.  Sophisticated software to monitor spam filters to ensure prompt and authentic deliverability
  5.  Appending database with corrected entries and updated email contact database going 
Tele-verified Data

  • Have a prospect database that brings no results?
  • Are you sure the data in your hand is Tele-verified?
  • Or is your data decayed?
B2B data has a very limited shelf life and updating databases with timely updates is what keeps them active. In huge data lists, it is simply very difficult to check how accurate the database is without professional Tele-verification for it.

Why choose B2B Contact Databases solutions and services providers?

B2B Contact Databases solutions and services providers now has 8 Million records in its Tele-verified Database. Besides, the clients find access to one of the largest Tele-verification teams (400+ Tele-verifiers) in the industry, who can authenticate your old database making a million calls. Our protocols involve monthly data cleanup procedures and segregation for the Do-Not-Call (DNC) lists.

Tele-verified Data include category details such as −

  SIC codes  National Change of Address references
  ZIP4 and ZIP Codes of product buyers
  Web and Land Addresses of organizations requiring IT services
  Fax details of gadget purchasers/distributors
  Phone Numbers
  Job Titles in computerized facilities
  Roles of professionals etc.
  Before Tele-verification calls, our experts find all these details through −
  Government database search
  Tech seminars/product launches
  B2b marketing forums
  Application-based campaigns
  Opt-in email campaigns
  Field surveys
  Annual report researching

Data Solutions - Worried about your data credibility?
B2B Contact Databases solutions and services providers prepares you to take data management risks!

B2B Contact Databases solutions and services providers has experience in managing customer data and providing enhanced database management solutions. Marketers rely on us to deliver effective marketing campaigns to their customers, backed by high data management offerings.

7 Best Reasons to choose B2B Contact Databases solutions and services providers
  •  Covers over 55 industry segments
  •  100% Spam Free leads guaranteed
  •  No trail of duplicate or inaccurate records
  •  Connects to top professionals, management officials, presidents, sales professionals and other key decision makers
  •  Saves precious time spent on research and other resources
  •  Database updated every 30 days to ensure high accuracy in business leads
  •  Immediate deliverable s to the customers with updated and accurate database promised
B2B Marketer want Contact Databases Solutions from Data Providers
B2B Marketer Need Help from Contact Databases Solutions Providers

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